It's sort of a tall urn shape, faux-crete type material. Whoever owned it prior to my rescuing it as a curb alert spray painted it in a very unattractive red and grey homemade camo pattern. I was going to repaint it in nicer colors, but I've since decided it's a little too bulky for the place I was thinking of using it. So, if you need a floor lamp, it's available.
Tank w/access. (including stand) needs a good cleaning but will make a nice setup. No leaks in tank.
I have lots of trophies that I hate to throw in a landfill.
Needs heating element and power cord
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We are a small, family paranormal team based in North Carolina. We organized our team in 2009 because of a mutual interest in the paranormal and helping people.We do not charge for investigations. When we are contacted by a prospective client we ask that a one on one interview or a phone investigation take place. This is to protect the client and our investigators. We investigate wherever the c...
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